OMAR TA SATT Dear Lightworker, Dear Lightworker. Welcome to Crystal Temple. I’m Anke Shana’Orana Mohrbacher. I am pleased that you have found on my website. It is meant to serve you to accept your divinity indeed. You are so much more than you could understand with your mind. Boundless awareness and the unconditional love of God Himself are the true essences of each one of us.

The Essence

As you probably already know, the planetary consciousness, and thus that of the human collective, is rising ever faster as we prepare for the quantum leap. The changes take place at an increasing rate and demand not only mind and psyche but also the physical body. On this website, you will find ways and means to integrate the high energies into the whole human being, according to the new paradigm of magnetic energy.

New thinking, new ways

For this purpose, especially in the last 20 years, but especially since 2003, new, very wonderful and sometimes completely new methods have been passed. Very free in its structure, fine and highly potent. There are many ways that make it easier for the physical body to absorb high vibration without blocking and causing symptoms. This means assuming more responsibility than ever, but also unprecedented potential and a previously unexpressed level of genuine freedom.

Come on let’s play!

I offer a variety of healing treatments to integrate the new magnetic energy that will incorporate all your aspects and reach you at all levels. My seminar program is intended for healers, therapists and light workers who want to deepen their knowledge and skills. Further, I offer accompaniment on the way through the 48 steps in Divine Awakening, a school of consciousness of incomparable kind.

Whatever you decide!



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